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create a Gemini login account

To do so, follow these steps:
● Go to the www.gemini.com, and then click on sign up option
● Next, find and click the “Get Started” option from the homepage
● And then, you need to enter your first and middle name
● In the next filed, enter the family name
● After that, enter an email address
● Next, create a unique, strong password for your Gemini Login account
● If you have, enter the promotional code
● Once completed, agree to the Gemini Login terms of use
● Click Next, to move ahead with the account setup process
● Now, you need to validate the email address
● To do so, you need to find the code sent to your mailbox
● Once received, enter into the verification field
● Now, click “Confirm” to confirm the code
● Once you’re done, Congrats, you are ready to use Gemini login account

Ways to Sign in for a Gemini login account?

Once you have signed up for new Gemini Login account, you can easily sign in by following below-mentioned steps:
● Open a browser on Windows/MacOS device
● Now, on the search bar, enter www.gemini.com
● Once opened, tap on the sign in option
● Next, enter your email address and password
● After doing so, click on the “Login” button

How do I verify a Gemini login account?

To complete your Gemini Login registration, you will be required to upload a clear and full photo ID (driver’s license or passport). This can be done by going to the “My Account” tab and following the instructions in the “Verify your identity” section.
Once completed, full trading and transfer capabilities will be enabled for your account. Get here more information Gemini Login
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